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I've got problem with new Ember.js (1.0 pre)

I got something what worked on Ember 0.9.8 but when I changed version of this lib I noticed problem which can't resolve. (I'm not so good at Ember :/)

Here is sample code:

I created view:

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="MyView">
    {{s}} / {{content.s}} / {{this.s}} / {{view.s}}

App.myview = Em.View.extend({
    layoutName : "MyView",

And I'd like to show some varible which depends on what I set in content bindig:

<script type="text/x-handlebars">
     xx{{view App.myview contentBinding="App.ctrl"}}

How to get to varible in this controller?

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You have two ways to do that. You can :

  • bind the controller to your view instead of binding the content (see the JSFiddle). By doing that you set the context of the view to be the controller, so {{s}} works directly:

{{view App.myview controllerBinding="App.ctrl"}}

  • edit your template to get the variable from the view instead of its context (see this JSFiddle). By doing that the view content is binded to the controller, and your template shows the s property of the view content:


I suggest you to take a look at Ember.js View Context changes.

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I found the answer... I should use: {{view.content.s}}

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