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It seems that git refuse to do gc command automatically on my remote repository. In about one month that repository enlarge to about 6GB because of .pack files. I think that is problem with variable - how can I set this variable on remote repsoitory, or how can I run git-gc command by hand on that repository?

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You'll have to log in on the box where your remote repo is hosted and then simply type

git gc

on the command line.

Regarding the docs say:
When there are approximately more than this many loose objects in the repository, git gc --auto will pack them. Some Porcelain commands use this command to perform a light-weight garbage collection from time to time. The default value is 6700. Setting this to 0 disables it.

However, you are talking about .pack files. Seems like there's another option dealing with that:

When there are more than this many packs that are not marked with *.keep file in the repository, git gc --auto consolidates them into one larger pack. The default value is 50. Setting this to 0 disables it.

Note that gc.autopacklimit works on the number of packs, not their sizes. Maybe you could tweak the gc behavior using these...

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