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I've been trying to recreate the parent/child scenario with hibernate, I used this as an example (very new to hibernate):


My situation is similar to this. I am working on a project that has some task objects which should be part of some task flow object.

  • So there are two entities task and taskflow.

  • Taskflow should have many or at least one task.

  • There are already some tasks in the task table, now I want to insert some entries into taskflow table so that taskflow object has list or set of tasks.

Forgot to mention in my original question :

  • Task can be inside many different task flows

My taskflow looks something like :

class Taskflow{
   int taskflowid;
   String taskflowname;
   List<Task> tasklist;

in the database taskflow has 2 fields taskflowid and taskflowname.

This is how Task looks like :

class Task{
 //many properties/fields

Taking this example into consideration when compared to examples I googled, there is always some kind of relation from Task back to the TaskFlow. Is that necessary? I just want taskflow to have reference to task. Am I thinking this one all wrong?

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If you don't declare relationship it would be simple member variables. In order to hibernate understand that you have one to many relationship you need to specify it in some for .hbm , annotation

@OneToMany //This for hibernate to understand that you have one to many relationship with Task
List<Task> tasklist;

inside Task

Taskflow taskFlow

Remember default names will be used to generate column names. Please refer tutorial over here

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do I need a field in the taskflow table for that? –  London Sep 19 '12 at 11:56
Field will be required at the other end. ie @ManyToOne inside Task which will create a mapping between Task and Taskflow` –  Amit Deshpande Sep 19 '12 at 11:59
so you suggest that I add field to task which will specify to which taksflow that task belongs to? In my case task can be inside many different task flows, I forgot to mention that one in my question I see it now. –  London Sep 19 '12 at 12:02

Hibernate supports relationships of different cardinality (one-to-one, one-to-many/many-to-one, many-to-many) and different directionality (unidirectional or bidirectional).

In your case you have a many-to-many relationship, which can be either unidirectional (if Task don't need to contain a collection of all TaskFlows it's a part of), or bidirectional.

For example, a unidirectional relatioship from TaskFlow to Task:

class Taskflow {
    private List<Task> tasks;

See also:

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sorry forgot to add some more details, can you see the question update. What would you do in that case? –  London Sep 19 '12 at 12:04
@London: Updated. –  axtavt Sep 19 '12 at 12:11

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