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I am trying out agiletoolkit. I get an error when I try to do the Database test.

PDO error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
DSN: mysql:host=localhost;dbname=example;charset=utf8

and then there is a traceback that does not really copy so well (It's at the end of this post)


I have WAMP installed on my windows 7 machine. I have set a root password for mysql and I have also set that in phpmyadmin3.5.1\ so Phpmyadmin works and I can create tables and so on in phpmyadmin.

I have copied the agiletoolkit into my www directory. It shows up as a hyperlink on the front page that WAMP creates. All good. When I click on that I get the agile toolkit I get the "Hello World from your own copy of Agile Toolkit" message -> all good so far.

At the top right of the page are some buttons - Welcome, Examples ... database test.... When I click on "database test", I get the error message shown above.

I assume that somewhere I need to tell agiletoolkit my mysql root password.

But where do I do that or do I do something else.

Thanks in advance

This is the error in full



Database Connection Failed

Additional information:

PDO error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
DSN: mysql:host=localhost;dbname=example;charset=utf8


Stack trace:

C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit\atk4\lib/BaseException.php :38     BaseException   BaseException->collectBasicData(Null, 1, 0)
C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit\atk4\lib/AbstractObject.php    :292    BaseException   BaseException->__construct("Database Connection Failed")
C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit\atk4\lib/DB.php    :67     sample_project_db   DB->exception("Database Connection Failed")
C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit\atk4\lib/ApiCLI.php    :329    sample_project_db   DB->connect(Null)
C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit\page/dbtest.php    :7  sample_project  Frontend->dbConnect()
C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit\atk4\lib/AbstractObject.php    :189    sample_project_dbtest   page_dbtest->init()
C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit\atk4\lib/ApiFrontend.php   :92     sample_project  Frontend->add("page_dbtest", "dbtest", "Content")
C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit\atk4\lib/ApiWeb.php    :332    sample_project  Frontend->layout_Content()
C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit\atk4\lib/ApiFrontend.php   :33     sample_project  Frontend->addLayout("Content")
C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit\atk4\lib/ApiWeb.php    :208    sample_project  Frontend->initLayout()
C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit/index.php  :15     sample_project  Frontend->main()
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In your "C:\wamp\www\agiletoolkit" you will see a file called config-distrib.php. Copy paste it and rename it to config.php then change the dsn for connection.

DSN means Data Source Name.

You will find the following line in the config.php file.


You can modify it to


By default the database user is 'root' and password is '' and you are accessing the database on local host.

Also check, this for more information.

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