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I have XML structure as below


and My class structure is as below

Class PaymentData                                             
   Private ReserveData reserveData                    
Class ReserveData (Xtream alias “reserveData”)        
  Private ReserveDto lReserveDto[];                   
Class ReserveDto  (Xtream alias “reserveDto”)
  Private String pNumber

When I have above structure and Xtream.fromXML() doesn't generate values to the ReserveData.

I know there is alternative solution by using Xstream Implicit and ArrayList as below

Class PaymentData                                             
   Private ReserveData reserveData                    
Class ReserveData      
  ArrayList<ReserveDto> reserveDto                  
Class ReserveDto 
  Private String pNumber

But we don't want to change to ArrayList as client has limitation to use only array. Please let me know if any one has solution for this.

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The XStream Annotations Tutorial suggests that you can use @XStreamImplicit on arrays (and maps) as well as lists.

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Thanks. We were using Xstream version jar 1.2 which doesn't support @XStreamImplicit on arrays,After upgrading to 1.3.4 jar , issue is resolved –  user1682888 Sep 21 '12 at 13:35
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