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I have this code:

<div id="g4iloprop">
<h4>HF propagation conditions: <span class="date">2012 Sep 19 1205 UTC</span></h4>
<p><b><span title="10.7cm solar flux">Solar flux:</span></b> 104<img src="nc.gif" alt="no change" hspace="2" /> <b><span title="Mid-latitude A Index">A:</span></b> 8<img 

Prompt please as to me to take value 104 which is between tags </b> 104<img


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Try this:

String html = // your html here

Document doc = Jsoup.parse(html);
Elements elements ="b + img");

for( Element e : elements )
    Node value = e.previousSibling();

    // eg. print the node, here the output is 104 and 8

If you only need the first value, you can replace the for-Loop with this:

Node value = elements.first().previousSibling();
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