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The Google Maps [MarkerManager][1] has a function to get a marker at a location:

getMarker(lat:Number, lng:Number, zoom:Number)

with this description:

Returns a marker given latitude, longitude and zoom. If the marker does not exist, the method will return a new marker. If a new marker is created, it will NOT be added to the manager.

However, the standard GMarker constructor takes a set of MarkerOptions:

GMarker(latlng:GLatLng, opts?:GMarkerOptions)

Is there a way to set the MarkerOptions on a new marker created by getMarker()?

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Unfortunately, it looks like the GMarkerOptions can only be set when a GMarker is constructed.

I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish, but it would probably be best to simply build your own GMarker whenever the getMarker() function returns a new marker.

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