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I am using django_nose to run my tests. I have a fixture initial_data.json which is an app's folder : my_app/fixtures/initial.json.

The fixture loads fine when using python manage.py syncdb, but doesn't load at all when running the tests python manage.py test my_app (while I guess it should load !?). Any pointer to what could be wrong ?

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I quote the official documentation:

Once you've created a fixture and placed it in a fixtures directory in one of your INSTALLED_APPS, you can use it in your unit tests by specifying a fixtures class attribute on your django.test.TestCase subclass:

from django.test import TestCase
from myapp.models import Animal

class AnimalTestCase(TestCase):
    fixtures = ['mammals.json', 'birds']

    def setUp(self):
        # Test definitions as before.

    def testFluffyAnimals(self):
        # A test that uses the fixtures.
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It works !!! Thanks so much ! I am pretty sure that in previous Django versions <= 1.3 ? initial_data.json used to be loaded automatically ... Also, beware of not using django.utils.unittest.TestCase, this doesn't seem to import fixtures – sebpiq Sep 19 '12 at 14:37
thanks, it was definitely not intuitive to me that the test suite wouldn't use the fixture automatically. Doesn't the test suite do a syncdb too, so you'd expect it to load initial_data? – Nils Oct 26 '12 at 18:08

I had similar symptoms but a different solution. I am running my tests through py.test instead of manage.py test.

In appname/fixtures I had initial_data.json and foo.json. My test looked like this:

from django.test import TestCase

class TestFoo(TestCase):

    fixtures = ['initial_data.json', 'foo.json']


However, when I ran the test initial_data.json was not being loaded, but foo.json was.

For me, the solution was to rename initial_data.json to base.json, and then the fixture was loaded.

I don't think this is the original poster's problem, but posting this so the next person that has the same problem as me can find something. :)

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