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I have a dates in mySQL stored in format 2012-09-16 as DATE format and I want to output and convert the date into the format date("l F jS").

I am using a while loop to query my table which SELECTS the date:

    echo date("l F jS", $rowWeek[dt]); 

The code above outputs: Wednesday December 31st. For each and every day which tells me that date() doesn't like the format being used from $rowWeek[dt]

when it should loop through 7 days of the current week.

echo $rowWeek[dt];

outputs the correct dates:


How do I convert the SELECTED date format of 2012-09-16 and convert it to the more pleasant format of date("l F jS")?

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use strtotime():

echo date("l F jS", strtotime($rowWeek['dt']));
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If you want to do the formatting in MySQL, you can do this:

SELECT dateformat("%W %M %D", mydate)

Just FYI, I'll get more value if you find this answer helpful than if I earn any points for it. What am I going to do, put my SO score on my resume??

Good luck.

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