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i googled a lot about this, went to irc channels but no luck.. I'm using drupal 6 with civicrm 4.2 in a project. I have a simple view to list civicrm events with the following fields:

CiviCRM Events: Title Training course
CiviCRM Custom: Details: Language Language
CiviCRM Address: Country Country
CiviCRM Custom: Details: Duration Duration

The view works as expected but when i try to expose a filter to the Country field, the operator doesn't show up.. No matter what i do.. I've tried to expose filters in other views and the filters work ok but in this view it won't show up..

I don't if the problem is related only to drupal or only to civicrm, so i hope someone can help.

Thank you.

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CiviCRM views integration is currently (Oct 2012) looking for a maintainer, so I am not that suprised that some bits are not 100% functional around the edges.

Asking this question on the civicrm forum (when you don't get an answer on IRC) is a good way to go.

The answer will likely be 'you'll need to file an issue preferably with patch'. Sorry I can't be more helpful!

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Thank you for your interest! I'll do that. – Jose A. Oct 1 '12 at 14:16

Just a quick update that the CiviCRM Views integration for v4.5 (current stable version) is much improved and the above is no longer an issue.

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