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I have a project where I have set up a public variable as a outlook mail item. All subs are in the same module.

I set the variable as public at the top of the module

Public CurrentMsg as Outlook.Mail Item

In a sub I set the Variable

CurrentMsg = Reply

The CurrrentMsg is displayed and I know the variable is set.

When I call another sub and run the


I get an error that the variable is not defined.

I tried

static CurrentMsg
CurrentMsg = Reply

That too failed to stay persistent.

Is there any way to keep the Outlook.MailItem variable persistent.

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Because it's an object, you need to use Set when assigning the value of CurrentMsg. You missed that twice in the code you posted, so I wonder if that's the exact code you're using? –  Tim Williams Sep 19 '12 at 15:22

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