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I have a WF service hosted in AppFabric IIS 7/WAS. It is configured for Net.Msmq - this works fine. The client consumes the service fine. If I change the WorkflowService to allow BufferedReceive, then I can no longer navigate to the xamlx to get metadata. The error is as follows:


"The contract 'IInstructionServices' has at least one operation annotated with 'ReceiveContextEnabledAttribute', but the binding used for the contract endpoint at address 'net.msmq://localhost/private/CSDInstructionProcessing/Instructions.xamlx' does not support required binding property 'IReceiveContextSettings'. Please ensure that the binding used for the contract supports the ReceiveContext capability"

* Any clues why?

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I figured this out. This was because the queue was not transactional, and the ExactlyOnce was set to false.

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