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I know, in general, what two factor authentication (2FA) is and how it works. I also know it's coded into the application that needs access. What I'm wondering is: has anyone ever come across or devised a method of using 2FA for a COTS (commercial, off-the-shelf) program?

Here's a scenario: I've got product X, and to work, X needs a port on a firewall to be open so that it can access a server inside the firewall. X does not have 2FA. But I want to put 2FA into effect so that only after the authentication is deemed valid by the 2FA process, can X be used to address the server inside the firewall.

Obviously, I don't want some renegade user simply downloading X from the web, installing it, then running it and getting to the server. But since X is a COTS and I have no access to the code, I just don't seen how to add 2FA to its use.

Am I barking up a tree without a critter in it, or is there something I haven't thought of?

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There is one company called TeleSign which specializes in two factor authentication solutions. I think they will be able to add a 2FA module to your COTS program.

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