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This should be fairly easy, but for some reason nearly everything I try just seems to hand out a 'not found' error when I hook it up to a web browser.

I've got a single static context, and for the ResourceBase I've got 'file:jar:/path/to/myjar!/.'... any ideas what I'm missing?

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Try to load the resource from classloader like this,

	ClassLoader classLoader =

	    if (classLoader == null) {
	    	classLoader = getClass().getClassLoader();

	    InputStream stream = classLoader.getResourceAsStream(name);

Your approach assumes absolute path and it may not be true when the server is deployed. The jar could be in another JAR (WAR) or a temporary directory.

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I can readily change the path later, I'm just seeing if I can get this to work at all, and I'm not loading a servlet from the JAR -- just static .html files. – Don Werve Aug 8 '09 at 23:15
I don't think your syntax is right. It should be, jar:file:/path/to/my.jar!/package/file If this is on Windows, you might also need the drive letter. – ZZ Coder Aug 8 '09 at 23:37

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