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I have a project wherein I need to access remotely hosted RRD files and create a highly interactive dashboard to visualize the data (most likely using Rails/Flot etc..)

I've looked into projects such as RRDTool and Jarmon (which seems to be collectd specific) and was wondering if there was a proven way to get the data from the rrd files into a format I can use on the javascript side of things. I intend to have this running on a fairly simple heroku instance, if that's any indicator of my server restrictions.

Thanks so much, Nader

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Have a look at rrdtool xport called on the command line it can produce json for you or when called via a scripting api you get the raw data which you cann then easily convert to json using your scripting language.

HTH tobi

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Is this json output can use in Flot graphs? – Thusitha Sumanadasa May 8 '14 at 11:35

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