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In Razor, I have a master page with a section defined in it with code that shows some default if there is no value:

    @if (IsSectionDefined("optionalSection"))
        @RenderSection("optionalSection", required: false)
        <div>Some default content</div>

I also have a nested master page on top of this which creates a pass through section definition:

@section optionalSection {
    @RenderSection("optionalSection", required: false)

The problem I am running into is that when I use this nested master page, the master page thinks the section is always defined. This will never display the else part. I thought about changing the name of the section in the nested master and checking for that in the master, but we have a number of nested masters and I felt like there would be an unnecessary explosion in the master if we follow that pattern. How can I make this work?

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You could write a custom extension method:

public static class SectionExtensions
    public static HelperResult RedefineSection(
        this WebPageBase page,
        string sectionName
        if (page.IsSectionDefined(sectionName))
                () => page.Write(page.RenderSection(sectionName))
        return new HelperResult(_ => { });

and then inside your Nested layout call this extension method to redefine the section:

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