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How can I set up that the code is reformatted automatically on saving?

So I don't always have to press Ctrl + Alt + L.

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Actually it is possible.
The idea is to record a very simple macro that select all the lines (Ctrl+A), formats (Ctrl+Alt+L), deselect all (Up and Down arrow) and saves a file (Ctrl+S), and bind this macro to Crlr+S.

Free Ctrl+S changing keyboard shortcut for "Save all"

  1. open File > Settings;
  2. search for "keymap" and open it;
  3. search "Save All" and double click the action "Save all";
  4. select "Remove Ctrl+S";
  5. double click "Save All" again and select "Add Keyboard Shortcut";
  6. select "Ctrl+Alt+S" as first stroke. (This stroke is already used but you can automatically delete the other usage just applying the dialog box.)
  7. Confirm and exit from Settings.

Record the macro

  1. Edit > Macros > Start Macro recording
  2. Press "Ctrl+A", then "Ctrl+Alt+L", then "Up arrow key", then "Down arrow key", and finally then "Ctrl+Alt+S"
  3. Stop recording the macro clicking on the Stop button on the bottom right of the page.
  4. Give this macro a name like "Format and Save"

Assing Ctrl+S to "Format and Save"

  1. open File > Settings;
  2. search for "keymap" and open it;
  3. search "Format and Save" and double click the action "Format and Save";
  4. select "Add Keyboard Shortcut";
  5. select "Ctrl+S" as first stroke.
  6. Confirm and exit from Settings.

Finally, enjoy PhpStorm!

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Brilliant. Thanks :) –  kabirbaidhya May 26 at 6:44
The macro doesn't have to be that long: Ctrl+Alt+L and Ctrl+Alt+S does the same thing as well. –  Saugat Acharya May 26 at 15:44
Worked perfectly thanks! –  Tom Kriek Jul 29 at 15:16

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