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I have two dataset (each has two columns of data). I want to use R to xyplot both dataset into one figure, while one is in point form, one is in smooth line format.

Could you mind to teach me how to do so? thanks.

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You have several options:

1) Use plot with the "o" (overplot) type

plot (x, y, t="o")

2) In general, as @Milktrader said, you can call plot twice with new=TRUE, for instance:

plot (x, y)
plot (x, y, "l", new=T)

3) Use points

plot (x, y)
points (x, y, "l")

4) Split the screen with split.screen or layout

plot(x, y)
plot(x, y, "l")

And there are surely many others...

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In general:

plot(first_dataset, type="p")
par (new=TRUE)
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