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I have written an equation of cylinder in matlab as follows

if (x-a).^2+(y-b).^2<=r^2  
N=1-t(any number)

now I want to move it along x-axis with interval of time as above. I want to move it along x-axis How can I do it?

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Your equation (x-a).^2+(y-b).^2<=r^2 means that the cylinder's center is at [a, b]. Moving it along the x-axis by an amount da means increasing a to a+da, so that the new center moves to [a+da, b].

Just as a word of advice -- there is also the Matlab command [x,y,z] = cylinder. Type help cylinder for more info.

And for completeness and rigor -- your equation is not that of a cylinder, it is the equation of a plane (z=0) with a solid circular protrusion of height 1 and radius 1/33 centered at [a,b]. A "solid cylinder" like the one you've defined is best referred to as a "rod", whereas a mathematical "cylinder" is only the outer surface ("the collection of all points equidistant to a line segment"). Very often cylinders are defined through a set of parametric equations, so what are your reasons for this particular style of defining the rod?

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actually I am using this as a function file in my code to place this rod in the mesh according to my choice of place. and now I want to move it along x axis in a time loop. – user1131808 Sep 19 '12 at 15:56
@user1131808 Well, now you know how :) Did you test my suggestion? Did it work? – Rody Oldenhuis Sep 19 '12 at 17:58
I tried to do that but it is not working with my rest of code. – user1131808 Sep 20 '12 at 15:25

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