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We have some simple domain objects that we are doing like statements on. The data in the table often has underscores in this. The problem is, underscore is a wildcard character in oracle when used in a like statement. So far this is the closes piece I've found, but it doesn't seem to work quite right.

def columnOne
def columnTwo

def results = myDomain.createCriteria().list(max:10, offset:10){
sqlRestriction("ESCAPE \\")

The SQL that is being executed is

select count(*) as y0_ from MY_SCHEMA.MY_DOMAIN this_ where
lower(this_.COLUMN_TWO) like ?
and ESCAPE '\'

It appears that the sqlRestriction clause is being tagged on as an AND in the query. Is there a way to avoid this or is there a better way to format the criteria?

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One way is to use the like as sqlRestriction and add the escape in the string as you can see here.

def results = myDomain.createCriteria().list(max:10, offset:10){
  sqlRestriction("lower(column_two) like '%bob\_%' ESCAPE '\\' ")
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This makes perfect sense. Thanks! – Joseph Sep 20 '12 at 14:50

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