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I am new to ROR. I want to call the Stored Procedure to process when I click the submit button in the VIEW.


    class Pro::DataImport < ActiveRecord::Base
      attr_accessible :file_name, :process_name, :updated_by, :validates



    class Pro::DataImportsController < ApplicationController
       before_filter :authenticate_user!
      layout "layouts/enr/energy_master"

      def index
       @pro_data_imports = Pro::DataImport.all 

      def new
        @pro_data_import = Pro::DataImport.new



     <%= form_for @pro_data_import do %>

  <div class="field">
    Browse the file to upload:<br />
    <%= file_field_tag ':file_name' %>

  <div class="actions">
    <%= submit_tag 'Import File' %>
<% end %>

    Stored Proc

    ALTER PROCEDURE "DBA"."my_enr_test"(file_name long varchar)
        INSERT INTO DBA.pro_data_imports(file_name) values(file_name);

Thanks in Advance.. Please Help me. I want to get the filepath from the upload button and store into the database column file_name. How to execute the store procedure for the submit button. Please help me!!

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if you are using the ActiveRecord SQLServer Adapter, checkout:


do something like this in your code

class Pro::DataImport < ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.update(user)
    self.execute_procedure("Stored Procedure Name", arg1, arg2)

Every normal SQL query is converted to a stored procedure to be executed. That is how the SQL Server adapter for ActiveRecord works. So you only have to worry about this for permanent stored procedures defined in the database.

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yeah am using sqlserver adapter. But the problem is it showing error in the view page.... –  Vinay Sep 19 '12 at 14:44
Try replacing connection.execute("my_enr_test") with ActiveRecord::Base.execute_procedure(:my_enr_test) –  Unixmonkey Sep 19 '12 at 14:50
Hi, I edit the question. Now its simple. Please tell me how to connect my storedprocedure to my submit buttton. When i click the button it calls the storedproc and get the filepath into the file_name column in the database. please –  Vinay Sep 19 '12 at 16:18
I would start with a simple proof-of-concept and build up to file uploads. In general, you would have 2 actions defined in your controller: update and create. Those actions will receive form submission responses. Inside those actions, you can have the code execute a stored procedure. –  Teddy Sep 21 '12 at 3:55

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