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I'm implementing a file upload, Directory and Imageupload class in php. What I have planned to implement in Directory class, are the following functions such as:

  1. Retrieve list of files, folder in a directory
  2. Create folder, search recursively in a directory {path}

In FileHandling.class.php following methods such as:

  1. whether file exists in a directory, . c
  2. check file extension of file uploading
  3. Handling moving files from a location to another
  4. Renaming a file

In imageUpload.class.php functions such as:

  1. resizing image,
  2. creating watermark.

What I would like to know , where should the function exist, should I have only one fileHandling.class.php and it includes method of Directory.class.php, or keep them separate.

Should ImageUpload.class.php be composition of fileUpload.class.php? And what particular software pattern can I apply here such as Facade, Singleton etc.

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Why did you add the 'uml' tag? –  home Sep 19 '12 at 16:18
removed it :) any comment on the question :) –  meWantToLearn Sep 19 '12 at 17:18
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You should confine all FileSystem operations to one Factory. Use the Factory pattern to compartmentalize Uploads, File Listing etc

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