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I have created user xyz in my CentOS 64 bit OS. I login using xyz and installed Apache, Mysql and PHP. But every time I want to start apache, I have to do it using "sudo" Even while installing apache or any other such programs I have to use sudo. I know this something to do with linux user/group permissions. Can any one help me out to fix this. I want to perform all the operations using xyz user itself.

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That's normal. Apache binds to port 80 (default HTTP port) when it starts, and on Unix/Linux systems, any port <= 1024 can only be bound by a program running with root permissions.

Installing apps is also something that requires root privileges, if the app's files are being written into system directories.

This is not something you can change.

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But many of the time I have seen people login with some username (other than root), still they can start apache. There should be some way to set permissions to these programs, so that normal users can start or normal users can be admin kind of ? –  Umakant Patil Sep 19 '12 at 16:45

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