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I got a textarea in ExtJs 4.1 and want to modify the font family and size.

   style    : 'font-family: courier new, font-size: 8px'
   style    : {
     'fontFamily'   : 'courier new',
     'fontSize'     : '8px'

I also tried like this:

            'font-family'  : 'verdana',
            'font-size'    : '8px'
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You should be using fieldStyle of the config for TextArea field component:

fieldStyle: {
     'fontFamily'   : 'courier new',
     'fontSize'     : '8px'

Or if the field already exists, use the setFieldStyle function of the field component.

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Thanks it worked. I only tried ´style´. –  Indianer Sep 20 '12 at 9:38

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