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I have a project model with a name:string and state:integer. There are 5 types of states. For example I want to put all projects with state 3 into the #prospects div. How can I make this work?

appendProject: (project) =>
  # this renders all projects
  view = new Trackproject.Views.Project(model: project)
  # this is how i want it to work

I think you can filter it in the collection file but I can't figure out how to load it into the views.

I work with Rails, Backbone and Coffeescript

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_.each(projectCollection.where({state: 3}), function(project) {
    $('#prospects').append($('<span>' + project.get('name') + '</span>'));
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I see but where do I put that piece of code? In the collection or the view? – bartligthart Sep 20 '12 at 9:00
In the view. And you need to have projects collection in the view of course. – Sep 20 '12 at 14:54
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Right answer is

  appendProject: (project) =>
    view = new Trackproject.Views.Project(
      model: project
    state = project.get("state")
    if state is 1
      @$("#projects").append view.render().el
    else if state is 2
      @$("#prospects").append view.render().el
    else if state is 3
      @$("#upcoming").append view.render().el
    else if state is 4
      @$("#current").append view.render().el
    else if state is 5
      @$("#completed").append view.render().el
      @$("#projects").append view.render().el
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