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I have start and end coordinate of a line. I want to drawn another line sticking at the end of this this such that they will be perpendicular to each other.

I am trying to do this using the normal geometry. Is there any high-level API there in MFC for the same.


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Sounds like a two-line napkin computation... is it worth having a dedicated API for that? –  Kerrek SB Sep 19 '12 at 16:07
Sorry as this question was already asked stackoverflow.com/questions/133897/… –  dearvivekkumar Sep 20 '12 at 9:28

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If (dx,dy) are the differences in the x and y coodinates of the given line, you can make another line perpendicular by contriving for the differences in its coordinates to be (-dy, dx). You can scale that by any factor (-c*dy, c*dx) to change its length.

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You have an existing line (x1, y1) to (x2, y2). The perpendicular line is (a1, b1) to (a2, b2), and centered on (x2, y2).

xdif = x2 - x1
ydif = y2 - y1
a1 = x2 - ydif / 2
b1 = y2 + xdif / 2
a2 = x2 + ydif / 2
b2 = y2 - xdif / 2

I think that works... I tested it for a few lines.

So if you have a line going from (1,1) to (5,3), the perpendicular line would be (5 - 2/2, 3+4/2) to (5 + 2/2, 3 - 4/2) or (4,5) to (6, 1).

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You could use SetWorldTransform function from Win32 GDI API.

Sample code is here.

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