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Can anyone explain why the below code causes a "Cannot find class" error? Instantiating the class with the fully qualified name works, but eliminates the advantage of the "use" statement.


    use Foo\Bar;

    new Bar;    // Works

    $class = 'Foo\Bar'; 

    new $class; // Works

    $class = 'Bar';

    new $class; // "Cannot find class" error

namespace Foo
    class Bar {}


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Tested on both PHP 5.3.2 and 5.3.10 –  kwoodfriend Sep 19 '12 at 16:17

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Well, I suppose it's actually a feature. And aliases won't help here, for the same reasons:

Importing is performed at compile-time, and so does not affect dynamic class, function or constant names. [...]

use My\Full\Classname as Another, My\Full\NSname;

$obj = new Another; // instantiates object of class My\Full\Classname
$a = 'Another'; 
$obj = new $a;      // instantiates object of class Another 

And yes, it sorts of defeats the purpose of use with dynamic classes.

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