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I am currently struggling to get the Motorola MC55 to read Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes with more than 10 digits.

I have gone through the help file for the Motorola EMDK .NET 2.6 but I could not figure out how to increase the maximum barcode length.

Here is some sample code in C#:

// Create reader
this.MyReader = new Symbol.Barcode.Reader();

// Create reader data
this.MyReaderData = new Symbol.Barcode.ReaderData(

// I can read the maximum length of I2of5 but I don't know how to set
// Output is 10

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Try setting like below

SymbolReader.Decoders.I2OF5.Enabled = true;
SymbolReader.Decoders.I2OF5.MinimumLength = 0;
SymbolReader.Decoders.I2OF5.MaximumLength = 0;

I think '0' should set it to MAX. If it doesn't, try some big value.

I don't have any PDA to test.


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Thanks, this is the solution. The tooltip in VS2008 says that those properties only return but do not set values. I guess now they do set ... – hBGl Sep 24 '12 at 8:56

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