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I'm trying to assess my array of devices and versions for testing with iPhone 5 coming out. we've got:

  • iPhone 5 with iOS 6
  • iPhone 4S with iOS 5
  • iPhone 4 with iOS 5
  • iPhone 4 with iOS 4
  • iPad 1 with iOS 5

I definitely want to keep something with iOS 4 (although soon that might not be necessary), but i was going to sell the iPhone 4 w/ iOS 5. Is it important to have a iPhone 4 or 4S with iOS 6 or will having iPhone 5 with iOS 6 be sufficient to test for that iOS version?

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It is rather subjective question, but personally I think since iOS6 is the newest OS so will likely cause most of the new bugs + will eventually get the biggest user base, you might want to test it as much as possible as so have as many different devices with iOS6 installed as you can... –  Vladimir Sep 19 '12 at 16:37
thanks, i know its a bit subjective, just wanted to see what others do. youre right that iOS 6 will probably quickly be adopted and the focus should be there. –  skinsfan00atg Sep 20 '12 at 20:15

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I'd say you also need an iPad with iOS 6. Testing with and without retina displays may be crucially important for some applications. iOS 4 support will be quickly waning, and probably only people who have pre-iPhone 3GS devices will care. If they can't bother to download an iOS release, why would they download your app?

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thanks. latest i saw was 8.5% on 4.x, but that will go down with 6 now out. ive been testing SD and HD using ipad and retina iPhones, but ill consider getting an iPad with 6. –  skinsfan00atg Sep 20 '12 at 20:09

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