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I am calling IDataObject.GetData() and it is not working for derived classes. I am making the call in one assembly (DLL) and both classes are in a second assembly (DLL). Is there something else that must be done if this is across assemblies?

By not working I mean it returns null. And for GetDataPresent it returns false.

bool returnsFalse = dea.Data.GetDataPresent(typeof (ODataBaseNode));
bool returnsTrue = dea.Data.GetDataPresent(typeof (ODataEntitySetNode));
returnsFalse = dea.Data.GetDataPresent(typeof (ODataBaseNode).FullName, true);
returnsTrue = dea.Data.GetDataPresent(typeof (ODataEntitySetNode).FullName, true);

// code in other DLL
public class ODataEntitySetNode : ODataBaseNode

thanks - dave

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What is the error? Compilation problem? Do you have access to the code? This is just too little info in this question. –  oleksii Sep 19 '12 at 16:33
updated - thanks –  David Thielen Sep 19 '12 at 16:39

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You can check what exactly the type name should be, by inspecting the value of:


This should hold the string you need to pass to retrieve the data. My guess is that across assemblies 'something special' needs to be done.

Regarding derived types and GetDataPresent, check this answer, which proposes a different solution.

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