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I am sending an email with PHP and this email include CC stuff. I am getting this error :

Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 553 Invalid mail address in D:\Inetpub\hightechhandling\subdomains\api\v2.2\libraries\email.php on line 452

The email "string" being pass to the CC header is : Cc: robert@email.com\r\n. I saw in the php manual that if you have Suhosin enabled, CC and BCC may not work. I have checked and Suhosin is not on my server. I am running under Windows. I have try also using Cc: Robert <robert@email.com> but it didn't work out.

If I remove the CC part, the email is sent with success.

Any ideas ?

EDIT: This happen in different function within a class.

    $Assign = (empty($Name) === FALSE ? trim($Name).' <'.trim($Email).'>' : trim($Email));


    #   Cc
    case 4:
        #   Est-ce que l'adresse courriel est déjà dans la liste ?
        if(in_array($Email, $this->CcLog) === TRUE){
            return TRUE;

        #   On ajoute au logs
        $this->CcLog[] = $Email;

        #   Parfait, on va l'ajouter
        $this->Cc[] = $Assign;


    #   Cc ?
    if(count($this->Cc) > 0){
        $Headers[] = 'Cc: '.implode(', ', $this->Cc);


    #   Parfait, on va envoyer le mssage
    $Mail = mail(implode(', ', $this->To), $this->Subject, $MailMessage, implode("\r\n", $Headers));
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Could you please add the code? –  andrewsi Sep 19 '12 at 16:44
@andrewsi Done. –  David Bélanger Sep 19 '12 at 17:06

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