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I recently have become interested in GUI programming in Python.

I have already had plenty of experience with Pygame, but find that it would be easier just to use the interface that Tkinter, Tix, etc... provide.

However, I'm having difficulty finding any decent documentation or tutorials on Tix for Python. (Unlike Pygame, which there are several guides/tutorials that I find quite nice)

Where can I find a nice tutorial? (That only assumes knowledge of Python, and hopefully no knowledge of Tk)

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Well, after some additional searching, I found the answer to my own question (finally!)

Thinking in Tkinter by Stephen Ferg

Seems pretty nice, now I actually have a decent understanding of how it works (yay!)

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Huh, interesting. But it's not what you asked for. – Brandon Sep 20 '12 at 12:09
@Brandon Sorry, I guess I asked to question wrong. I wanted a good understanding of how Tix works, which is just an extension of Tkinter (I can now just use the documentation for Tix and apply it to what I learned about Tkinter, being very similar in overall structure) – PythonJarHead Sep 20 '12 at 17:48

Tix is a set of additional widgets that weren't originally included in the standard Tkinter distribution. Now that the improved ttk toolkit is part of Tkinter in newer Python versions (2.7 or 3.2), Tix is no longer necessary. More discussion can be found here.

A good tutorial on modern Tk can be found here.

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