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I`m trying to create a menu programmatically but the code below fails to create the popup menu in the second menu item (neighbor of file)(in first File->new etc. everything is fine). When I click on View it does nothing instead of show SelectAll command.

HMENU menu = CreateMenu();
HMENU subMenu1 = CreatePopupMenu();



HMENU menu2 = CreateMenu(); 
HMENU subMenu2 = CreatePopupMenu();

AppendMenu(subMenu2,MF_STRING,IDC_MENU_EXIT2,_T("Select All"));


What am I doing wrong? Can you point me to somewhere to find the information?

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I believe your error is on this line of code


MF_INSERT is not a valid flag for AppendMenu and in fact maps to MF_ENABLED. In this case I believe you want to use MF_POPUP to insert the 'View' Sub menu.

This is how MSDN describes MF_POPUP:

Specifies that the menu item opens a drop-down menu or submenu. The uIDNewItem parameter specifies a handle to the drop-down menu or submenu. This flag is used to add a menu name to a menu bar, or a menu item that opens a submenu to a drop-down menu, submenu, or shortcut menu.

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