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REST API design indicates there are four resources archetypes: document, collection, store and controller.

Store do not create new resources; therefore a store never generates new URIs.

An example:

PUT /users/12245/favorites/boston-celtics

A user added Boston Celtics to his favorites list.

But how that isn't creating a new resource ? and how it isnt generating a new URI?

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I think it is worth to comment that "archetypes" are just a terminology created on the book from Mark Massé, Rest API Design Rulebook –  geekazoid Sep 30 '14 at 17:40
There is no connection between REST and the terms you describe above except in one rather underwhelming book. –  Engineer Dollery Jan 8 at 20:14

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A store does not create a resource on its own. The user of the store creates endpoints / URIs.

The contrast is between a Collection and a Store

Collection A collection resource is a server-managed directory of resources. Clients may propose new resources to be added to a collection. However, it is up to the collection to choose to create a new resource, or not. A collection resource chooses what it wants to contain and also decides the URIs of each contained resource.

Store A store is a client-managed resource repository. A store resource lets an API client: put resources in, get them back out, and decide when to delete them.

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The linked resource no longer exists. –  Engineer Dollery Jan 8 at 20:14

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