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I am curious if there is a flat list of all commands for Visual Studio?

It would be a nice to have... and to the Tools team at Microsoft, a search/filter box for the "Add Command" window would be nice.

Specifically, I was wanting to add a toolbar icon to re-show the Start Page in VS2012 to the Standard Toolbar. And when I got to the "Add Command" window, they are all categorized, and was curious if there was a flat list (here, or on a website) that could just be searched through easily. I've looked through the similar questions, and am not finding a significant match of either the question, or a useful answer to this question. Searching online yeilded nearly useless results as well.

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ReSharper.ReSharper_DumpAllCommands - available in ReSharper 9 – AMissico May 10 at 19:52
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Following answer provided by didito, full list of VS Commands in plain text.

There's a lot of them, over 4500 :)

I'm 'trying' to use VsVim and I map some of the commands to key combos.

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Unable to load the list. – AMissico May 10 at 21:19
@AMissico : strange, the list is available on github. – gringo_dave May 11 at 11:48

If you're using VS 2012 you can use the new Quick Launch tool which allows you to search for any menu item, option/preference, command, etc quite easily. You can read more about it here: Quick Launch Blog Post The screenshot below is the results when you search for Intellitrace:

Quick Launch

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If you go to "Tools/Options/Environment/Keyboard", you will see a listbox containing a ton of the commands in visual studio, as well as a text box with the title "Show commands containing:" that allows you to filter the list of available commands.

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Scott Gu has posted a useful list of all keyboard commands available in VS2010. This is available for all dotnet languages.

Hope this helps.

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Resharper has something called "Resharper - Internal - Dump All VS Commands". I found that via the Quick Launch tool. Dumps all the commands in a text file, without help or description obviously, but flat. (VS Pro 2012, JetBrains ReSharper 8.2)

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