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I have a website that I am writing.

  • javascript SDK works
  • php SDK works

HTML looks like the following:

  1. signup page with fb-registration div
  2. login page with fb-login-button div


  1. First time user ( which is registered to facebook), decide to signup. Signup page -> press "Register" -> fb iframe -> press "Continue" -> POST to PHP -> save user to DB -> reload page -> user is verified.
  2. First time user ( which is registered to facebook), decide to login. ( never signed-up). Login page -> press "Login with Facebook" -> blorp happens -> ????


  1. if my javascript SDK already know if the user logged in or not, why do I need the login button?
  2. is it possible to use the website facebook api without facebook app?
  3. isn't there a conflict between the register and login ?
  4. what happens on the blorp ?? and following that question, is it just for getting the user information purpose?
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  1. Display the login facebook button only to users that are NOT logged now with facebook.
  2. You must be more precise, you have a website OR a facebook application, some API functions works differently.

3.4. The conflict is in your flow logic, you cannot login in your website a user that hasnt a registered account yet.

I suggest to get rid of the register, and use an auto-register and/or auto-login:

  • user enter website
  • Is NOT logged on facebook - show login to facebook button, return here after he logins
  • is logged on facebook - show your own login button into site (you can auto-login as well, if you find his email address in your database, and he previous accepted your application).
  • he press the login
  • you check if is in database, login, if not - register, then login in the same request.
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