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At work I have a standard desk (4 legs, flat surface, you get the picture). For a while now I've been thinking about converting to a standing desk. What would be the best way to go about this on a limited budget? Are there some good laptop/keyboard stands I could place on my existing desk? Which ones are the best?

I'm trying to avoid requesting a whole new desk, and keeping things as simple as possible.

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Talk to an occupational therapist and get their advice because you'll be drastically changing the way you posture yourself for hours at a time.

Agencies that assist people with disabilities and their carers (if you're in Australia, look up the Independent Living Centre in your capital city) would be a good start. You'll be able to test out a variety of models if they have a showroom and get advice from a medical professional not a furniture salesman.

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This has been featured in a couple of blogs that are likely near and dear to most SOers:

I think there are clearly some benefits to standing for a portion of the day. Even better would be a treadmill desk (watch the "Exercise boosts brain power" film, and pay attention about 3:09 in).

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