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I need to get an image by a url that i create from a couple of fields in my MySQL database. So, i get two fields: 'id' & 'placeID' and I do this command:

select concat('http://whatever.come?id=',
              cast(Votis.SequencialDoCandidato as char),
              cast(IDUnidadeEleitoral as char))
from database.table;

This URL points to a picture.

So my questions is: 'Is there anyway of insert automatically the picture that this URL brings into a image field?

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No, that's not possible and would be a really horrible mix anyway as it's not your database's job to retrieve an URL.

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I will say, use PHP or a other server language for in step 1 copy the image from the target URL to you server, and then insert the image to you database as step 2. –  FIG-GHD742 Sep 19 '12 at 19:49

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