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How can I add a custom task to sbt build definition that consumes (uses classes, runs methods etc.) the project sources ? It seems it tries to find them before compiling even.

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I need to know why you want to call the methods, since this changes the answer. If you want to do something ...

Build related

Want to use class/ methods which do something build related ( minfiy things, uploaded jar/wars to servers, etc..)

  • you have to put this in a plugin or you need to put the sources in a project folder.
  • The code cannot be called from your project

If it is build related, someone has probably dealt with a similar problem and there is probably a sbt plugin already, but if not, then let me know and I can explain creating sbt plugins.

Non-build related

Want to just call / test methods which don't have anything to do with the build cycle.

  • You can put this in an object in your project called Script (name it whatever), start up console and then import script object and run.
  • To make this even easier you can make a custom import script for the console which imports all scripts automatically, which you can then run

So for example, package script

object Script {
    def foo = println("I am doing things non-build related")

in sbt now run

>> import script._
>> foo    // prints out  "I am doing things non-build related"
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