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Goal: To run a VBScript that checks a folder daily, and reports if no files were saved to it that day. Ignore the files that exist from previous days.

I need to check if a file was not created that day and send an email. If a file was created that day then i want the script to do nothing - no notification. I found this code, but it does the opposite and sends the email if the file is present and does nothing if it is missing:

option explicit
dim myMail
dim fileSystem, folder, file  
dim path
path = "C:\Temp"   
Set fileSystem = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")  
Dim myDate
myDate =  dateadd("d", -1, FormatDateTime(Now, 2))
Set folder = fileSystem.GetFolder(path)   
for each file in folder.Files
    if file.DateCreated > myDate then  
    'WScript.Echo file.Name & " last modified at " & file.DateCreated   
    'WScript.Echo "this should have sent an email."   
    end if  

Function SendEmail()   
    'this works
End Function 
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Based on the idea that you are done, if today's file is found, but have to check all files to be sure, that today's file is missing, the logic would be:

found = False
For all files in folder
    If today's file found
       found = True
       Exit For
    End If
If Not found Then
   Send Email
End If
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