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I've used the WindowsPhoneTestFramework and is great but it does not support some of the features that I need like setting the Width and Height of an element of changing the Layout of the Emulator for testing in Landscape and portrait, etc. While trying to add simple Commands Like Width and Height for some reason it is not working and here it comes the need to debug the AutomationClient. For example I need to see what is happening in SetWidthCommand that I have created in WindowsPhoneTestFramework.Client.AutomationClient.Remote and understand why the property is not updated in the application under test.

I have created the SetWidth command and call from the console like: setWidth id=widthValue

I can debug until I get to ApplicationAutomationController where the command with AutomationIdentifier and value is created and after the SyncExecuteCommand I get the result as false.This means that something is wrong in the Client, so how do I debug the SetWidthCommand in Client.AutomationClient.Remote This is the SetWidthCommand in Client.AutomationClient.Remote

public partial class SetWidthCommand
    protected override void DoImpl()

        var element = GetUIElement();
        if (element == null)

        if (AutomationElementFinder.SetElementProperty(element, "Width", Value))
        //setWidth ContentPanel 400
        if (ValueCommandHelper.TrySetValue(element, Value.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)))
        // if width is missing... then give up

Thank you.

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can ypu explain more about what you mean by 'it is not working'? edit the question to explain what happens - do you see an exception? does it not start? does it start but ot hit breakpoints? will try to help :) –  Stuart Sep 19 '12 at 20:10
What question are you asking? Stackoverflow is brilliant for asking and answering questions. Please don't leave comments, instead edit the text to ask a question - a sentence that says "Why?", "How?", or "What?" (I am trying to help - honestly!) –  Stuart Sep 19 '12 at 20:21
I'm still not sure what your question is... but I've tried to explain some points below - if these don't help... please ask a "How?" question - as I really don't understand what you are asking :( –  Stuart Sep 19 '12 at 21:18

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The framework works by:

The host

The client

To add a Command or Result

Because this mechanism uses WCF, then if you want to add a new Command or a new Result to the processing, then you will first need to add these to the Host, then you will need to update the client code - to do this you will need to use the Visual Studio tools to update the auto-generated WCF classes in https://github.com/Expensify/WindowsPhoneTestFramework/tree/master/Client/AutomationClient/Service%20References

This WCF update can be quite fiddly to do - but it's "normal" WCF operation - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb628652.aspx

Once these are updated, then you can write the partial class code for your new Command in the Client.

An alternative

As an alternative approach, there is a 'generic' Command and Result pair available -

If you wish to use these, then Generic commands are passed through to the handlers registered statically in https://github.com/Expensify/WindowsPhoneTestFramework/blob/master/Client/AutomationClient/Remote/GenericCommand.cs

e.g. you could register something like:

GenericCommand.AddHandlerFactory("MyKey", (command, action) => {
    return (command) => {
        var result = new SuccessResult() {ResultText = "some example text" };

This would be used to handle any GenericCommand with a pleaseDo field of "MyKey"


From your question, I'm assuming you are already debugging the host successfully.

The easiest way to debug the client side is to:

I hope that helps... if not, maybe try posting a larger code sample (maybe using gist or github)

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Yes, Thank you, that was my question and I did all the above except the Debugging part I was not able to do. Problem solved , i can debug the client now :) –  Dan Diaconu Sep 19 '12 at 21:34
:) If it's the answer, please tick it to accept it - then others using stack overflow might benefit from it. Welcome to stack overflow! –  Stuart Sep 20 '12 at 6:30
The code to register GenericCommand cannot compile. The error msg is "A local variable named command cannot be declared in this scope because it would give a different meaning to command .... .... " What's wrong ? –  deepsky Mar 13 at 8:20

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