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I am trying to send a message from one thread to my UI thread using a handler. I am sending messages using the pusher API (pusher.com). and they are coming in and I can see them coming in really quick but it takes a while for the UI thread to get the message through the handler and it queues them instead of send and release as soon as something comes in.

Is there a better way of doing this without handlers or a way to get rid of the queue so that as soon as a message comes in the handler handles it?

This is sending the message that has come in inside the thread

public void onEvent(String eventName, String eventData, String channelName) {

                  String sentence = new String(eventData); 
                  try {

                      Message msg = new Message();
                      Bundle b = new Bundle();
                      // send message to the handler with the current message handler
                           } catch (Exception e) {
                      Log.v("Error", e.toString());

                  Log.e("server Thread", eventData);
               // mHandler.obtainMessage(MakeLightActivity.PACKET_CAME,sentence).sendToTarget(); 


and this is where I am reading it inside my UI thread

private final Handler mHandler = new Handler() {
    public void handleMessage(Message msg) {

            Bundle b = msg.getData();
           String key = b.getString("message");
          incomingMessage =  key;
            if (key.length() >= 30){

                Log.d(TAG, "key" + key);


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Yes there's a better way You must use an AsyncTask which handles the thread and the Handler's functionality.

private AsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result> imageLoader = new AsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result>()
    protected Result doInBackground(Params)
        // do the work and onPostExecute will handle the result
        return result; 

    protected void onPostExecute(Result result)
        // do whatever with the result on the UI thread instead of a Handler

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and I use that within my activity and move the code I have in my separate thread within that? –  Nicholas Redwood Sep 19 '12 at 20:45

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