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I'm setting up a documentation using Sphinx. I precise I'm really new on this lib.

My documentation can be build with one of the default theme. All works fine :)

Now, I would like to customize the theme. I have updated the layout.html to follow my skin. In this template, I include the globaltoc.html & localtoc.html. The toc is render with toctree() & toc.

I would like to know if there is a way to update the generated html or if I need to adapt my css to the generated html?


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I don't understand your question. Can you elaborate? –  Kevin Horn Dec 7 '12 at 16:51

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I'm going to go out on a limb and take a guess at what you're looking for - because I think I had the same issue.

As an example, in localtoc.html, the template looks like:

<h3><a href="{{ pathto(master_doc) }}">{{ _('Table Of Contents') }}</a></h3>
    {{ toc }}
{%- endif %}

{{ toc }} is a global macro for Sphinx, and I spent about an hour digging around trying to find where it was defined with absolutely no luck.

The caveat being, {{ toc }} renders out to something like:

   <li>Toc Item 1</li>
   <li>Toc Item 2</li>
   <li>Toc Item 3</li>

The issue being that if your CSS wants to treat <ul> or <li> tags by class, you have no way of easily changing them. Ultimately I think this is a limitation of Sphinx's writers/html.py, which still does a lot of stuff by hand.

The real solution for this is to replace (possibly builders/html.py), but definitely writers/html.py in Sphinx. Which is a lot more effort than I wanted to expend.

I did manage to find a couple folks who've somewhat addressed this problem, but only partially:

rst2html5, which contains an html5css3 HTMLWriter & HTMLTransformer. and docutils-html5-writer, which, looks really nice - but is not a drop-in replacement for Sphinx due to the difference between builders/html.py and the html5 writer.

Ultimately I came up with this solution, using jinja filters. It's an ugly hack, but it got me past the hurdle.

<h3><a href="{{ pathto(master_doc) }}">{{ _('Table Of Contents') }}</a></h3>
   {{ toc|replace("<ul>", "<ul class=\"custom\">", 1) }}
{%- endif %}
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Thanks for your answer! That's exactly what I'm pointing in my initial issue (you explain it much more better :)). Anyway, I didn't find a "good" solution to the problem... –  egeloen Jan 16 '13 at 8:16

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