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The regex /<img[^>]+/ from a SEO plugin is causing my mapping plugin to break, as it adds unescaped slashes to my JavaScript output.

I would like to suggest a fix for this, where <img>-tags are only enhanced with title="" if they are not within a <script> or <script*...>-tag.

To clarify:

  • only on code like blabla <img src="">blab the attribute title="" should be added

  • <script>blabla <img src=""> blabla</script> should stay as it is

  • <script type="text/javascript">blabla <img src=""> blabla</script> should also stay as it is

Can anyone help with a regex for that? I found something with (?! Expression) for defining exclusions but am not quite sure how to use this.

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Don't use regex for problems like this. Use DOMDocument instead. It's then trivial to only add the attribute to the proper nodes, and you can be 100% sure that similar problems won't crop up in the future.

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i don't know a regexp for it, but i know a way to work around it

function add_titles_no_scripts($page)
    /* split up page at each start of an script */
    $parts = explode("<script", str_ireplace("<script", "<script", $page));

    /* remove the first part from the list, as its before first script */
    $first_part = array_shift();

    /* add titles to first parts as usal */
    $new_page = add_title($first_part);

    /* for all other parts */
    foreach($parts as $current_part)
        /* split up part in 2 parts, before and after end of script */
        $sub_parts = explode("</script", str_ireplace("</script", "</script", $current_part), 2);

        /* make sure we have 2 parts */
        if(count($sub_parts) == 2)
            /* add first part as it was inside the scripttags removed by explode */
            $new_page .= "<script" . $sub_parts[0] . "</script";

            /* adds 2nd part as usal */
            $new_page .= add_title($sub_parts[1]);
            /* if only one part, we are inside an not ended script tag */
            $new_page .= "<script" . $sub_parts[0];

    /* return the new page */
    return $new_page;
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thanks - I sent this to the developer @prelovac - hope it helps (although I fear he would prefer a new regex, as this is the code that is causing the trouble: function seo_friendly_images($content) { return preg_replace_callback('/<img[^>]+/', 'seo_friendly_images_process', $content); } –  robertharm Sep 19 '12 at 20:49
Regex aren't the way to go... there is always a programmtic way to do it. –  David Bélanger Sep 19 '12 at 20:50
I know, the problem is that the solution should be as easy as possible as the other plugin author has to implement it in his plugin - so regex would fit better here I guess –  robertharm Sep 19 '12 at 20:51

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