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I have a drop down menu generated like this:

  <select multiple="multiple" name="application_occupation" id="application_occupation" value="{$fields.Occupation}" class="application_occupation">
              <option selected="selected" value="">All categories</option>
                 {foreach from=$mainArray key=topkey item=topitem}
                 {foreach from=$topitem key=key item=item}
                 <option value="{$item.categoryid}">{$item.name}</option>
            {/foreach}<!-- Master -->

This generates a dropdown menu:

In my php code I have $fields['Occupation'] = CMS::getFormData('Occupation', false);

This is returning blank why?

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Try use this code

$fields['Occupation'] = CMS::getFormData('application_occupation[]', false);

If you want use multiple select - name must be this application_occupation[]

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Thanks but that only returns one selected value not "many" –  Jess SM Sep 19 '12 at 20:37
That gave me ` ["Occupation"]=> bool(false)` –  Jess SM Sep 19 '12 at 20:43

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