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I am trying to get something to work on a form i am building for my job and it doesn't seem to be working the way i expect it to. Below is the current code. I want to calculate the percent difference between the two fields ANL_CMA1_NUM_CLOSED_SALES and ANL_CMA2_NUM_CLOSED_SALES. I thought my math was correct but i am only getting results in single digits, either positive or negative depending on the inputted values. I am working on a form where i can customize permission level and rounding, and i am rounding this to the nearest hundredth. Can anyone help me with this one? The original formula did not have the "-100) * 100)" portion at the end of it but also did not work properly.

FormSet.SetFieldValue(CurrentForm, "ANL_CHG_NUM_CLOSED_SALES", 
(((FormSet.GetFieldValue(CurrentForm, "ANL_CMA2_NUM_CLOSED_SALES") - 
FormSet.GetFieldValue(CurrentForm, "ANL_CMA1_NUM_CLOSED_SALES")) /    
 FormSet.GetFieldValue(CurrentForm, "ANL_CMA1_NUM_CLOSED_SALES")) -100) * 100)
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just fyi - i dont care about getting all positive results, negative numbers are ok too. –  wondergoat77 Sep 19 '12 at 20:45
why am i getting a down vote for this? –  wondergoat77 Sep 19 '12 at 21:11

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You may be using integer division (ie, 1/3 == 0) where you need floating-point division (ie 1./3 == 0.3333333).

It may also be easier to understand if you break it up a bit -

cma1 = FormSet.GetFieldValue(CurrentForm, "ANL_CMA1_NUM_CLOSED_SALES")
cma2 = FormSet.GetFieldValue(CurrentForm, "ANL_CMA2_NUM_CLOSED_SALES")
delta = float(cma2 - cma1) / cma1
FormSet.SetFieldValue(CurrentForm, "ANL_CHG_NUM_CLOSED_SALES", delta*100.0)
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that does make sense! why didnt i think of that!? im still pretty new to python and forgot about how numbers work! thanks –  wondergoat77 Sep 19 '12 at 21:10

You need to cast the values to float in order to get floating-point division (otherwise, Python does integer division which truncates the result to an integer).

Using temporary variables for sanity:

cma1_closed_sales = FormSet.GetFieldValue(CurrentForm, "ANL_CMA1_NUM_CLOSED_SALES")
cma2_closed_sales = FormSet.GetFieldValue(CurrentForm, "ANL_CMA2_NUM_CLOSED_SALES")
pct_change = 100.0 * (cma2_closed_sales - cma1_closed_sales) / float(cma1_closed_sales)
FormSet.SetFieldValue(CurrentForm, "ANL_CHG_NUM_CLOSED_SALES", pct_change)
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thanks for the help –  wondergoat77 Sep 19 '12 at 21:12

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