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When using a centralized versioning system like CVS or SVN, I like to review my changes in the Team Synchronizing View before I commit them. By default Eclipse collapses the source tree, and I always have to click on the little arrow in the icon "Show Java Workspace" and select the checkbox for Flat Presentation:

Dropdown menu for choosing flat presentation

Is there a way to make this the default for the Synchronizing perspective?

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Window > Preferences > Team > Choose the presentation to be used when displaying Workspace projects : Flat

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It does not work here, does it work for you? Thanks for the attention, anyway. –  elias Sep 20 '12 at 14:04
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I've found a way to do that for SVN, unchecking the option Allow models to participate in synchronizations:

Eclipse - Team - SVN - View Settings

The same can be done for CVS in Team -> CVS -> Synchronize/Compare settings, though I haven't really tested it.

UPDATE: If that does not work on the first time, on the View Menu (activated clicking the little arrow beside the minimize button for the Synchronize panel), select Presentation -> Tree.

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"The same can be done for CVS in Team -> CVS -> Synchronize/Compare settings, though I haven't tested it."

Tested it for CVS. Doesn't work. Scumbag Eclipse :/

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