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How can i validate something i did not get from a form. I want to validate my variable and i want this rule to be is_uniqe() to check for duplicates.

I have tried setting a rule in the $rules array as array( 'field' => $this->characterNAME, 'rules' => 'is_unique[members.char_name]) yet no effect i tried calling the is_unique() on its own yet no effect and i tried to asign the variable to $_POST['charNAME'] = $this->characterNAME; and then pass that to set_rules() yet no effect.

How can i validate my variable ?

My code:

<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

class Registration extends CI_Controller {

var $characterNAME = "";
var $characterCORP = "";
var $characterALLY = "";
var $characterJDAT = "";

function __construct() {
    $this->load->model('Registration_model', 'reg');

public function index()


function insert()

    $rules = array(
            'field' => 'username',
            'label' => 'Username',
            'rules' => 'required|min_length[6]|max_length[250]|is_unique[members.username]'
            'field' => 'password',
            'label' => 'Password',
            'rules' => 'required|min_length[6]|max_length[250]|md5'
            'field' => 'apiid',
            'label' => 'apiid',
            'rules' => 'required|integer|min_length[6]|max_length[250]|callback_api_check[' . $this->input->post('apikey') . ']'
            'field' => 'apikey',
            'label' => 'apikey',
            'rules' => 'required|min_length[6]|max_length[255]'

    $_POST['charNAME'] = $this->characterNAME;
    $this->form_validation->set_rules('charNAME', 'CharacterName', 'is_unique[members.char_name]');

    if($this->form_validation->run() == FALSE) 
    } else {

        $this->reg->add_user($_POST['username'], $_POST['password'], $_POST['apiid'], $_POST['apikey'], $this->characterNAME, $this->characterCORP, $this->characterALLY, $this->characterJDAT);
        // REDIRECT

function api_check($apiid, $apikey) 
    $url = ''.$apiid.'&vCode='.$apikey;

    $xml = new DOMDocument();

    $chars = $xml->getElementsByTagName('row');

    foreach ($chars as $character) 
        $charid = $character->attributes;
        $curl = ''. $apiid . '&vCode='.$apikey . '&characterID=' . $charid->item(1)->nodeValue;

        $cxml = new DOMDocument();

        $corp = $cxml->getElementsByTagName("corporation");
        $ally = $cxml->getElementsByTagName("alliance");
        $char = $cxml->getElementsByTagName("characterName");
        $jdat = $cxml->getElementsByTagName("corporationDate");

        // Check database instead

        if($this->reg->validate_entity($corp->item(0)->nodeValue) || $this->reg->validate_entity($ally->item(0)->nodeValue)) 
            $this->characterNAME = $char->item(0)->nodeValue;
            $this->characterCORP = $corp->item(0)->nodeValue;
            $this->characterALLY = $ally->item(0)->nodeValue;
            $this->characterJDAT = $jdat->item(0)->nodeValue;
            return true;

    $this->form_validation->set_message('api_check','None of the characters on this account are allowed to join.');
    return false;

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Instead of gettin Form Validation error as for everything else i get DATABASE Duplicate Entry error. – Sterling Duchess Sep 19 '12 at 20:51

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You can validate that your form input isn't a duplicate by calling the is_unique function directly, via (example):

$this->form_validation->is_unique($email, '');

This will return a boolean true/false. True = Is Unique -- in this case

Therefore, you can put that in an if() and check it that way...

Hope this helps

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