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When I hover over a div, I want another div (which starts as display:none) to partially expand downward, revealing only the top of its contents. How can I partially expand a hidden div with jQuery? Preferably so that the div fades out towards the bottom. There don't seem to be parameters for the toggle() command or fadeIn() that allow partial expansion.


Unfortunately, the requirements don't allow a separate 'teaser' div to be used. The hidden div containing all the text has to be partially expanded.

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Let's say you want to only show the top 30 pixels of the hidden div:

var HowManyPixelsToShow = 30;

   mouseenter: function() { ShowInfoBoxDiv($(this)); },
   mouseleave: HideInfoBoxes
}, '.info-box');

function ShowInfoBoxDiv(TheInfoBox) {
   //this assumes the 'more-info' divs are located after the '.info-box' divs

function HideInfoBoxes() {
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nah, I'm not in it for the 5 bucks:) I'm doing it for the fun! Good luck. –  frenchie Sep 19 '12 at 21:22

instead of toggling the entire div, separate the inner contents into a teaser div, and a content div, then toggle only the teaser div when you want a sneak peak

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That's a great solution to the basic problem. Unfortunately, the specs don't allow for a separate preview div. I just updated the question. –  bevanb Sep 19 '12 at 20:58

You can use jQuery's animate function to show a preview. (open it a certain amount) Add a PNG with a transparent gradient to the bottom of that div to have it fade to white. Start the #contentDiv with a height of 0px.

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