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I'm using Snagit for user guide screenshots. (New to it, but so far it's great!). I save the screenshot as a layered .snag file, then export .png files for putting into the document. The layers in the .snag file consist of the underlying raster image (the background) plus a layer of annotations and callouts on top.

Doing it this way lets me move and edit the annotations and callouts with ease, then export a replacement .png file. But what if I have a bunch of callouts on a screenshot and the screen itself changes?

Is there a way to replace the raster layer (background) with a new one, while keeping the callouts in place, so I don't have to create a new .snag file? (I want to avoid copying and pasting the callouts from the existing file into a newly created one...)


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Yes, that is possible, as long as your annotations and callouts are still vector objects. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Delete the existing screenshot.
  2. Make a new screenshot and paste it into the snag file.
  3. Select the screenshot and use the Send to Back function to move it to the bottom layer.
  4. If required, adjust the positions of your annotations.
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